Drowning one's sorrows over love is a popular method of self-medicating and eradicating pain. Try as he might, Justin Timberlake cannot soak his sorrows with libations in 'Drink You Away.' Here's our read of the smooth, retro and soulful track.

"The bottom of the bottle / To fill this empty heart up / A thousand proof / Don’t change the truth / I tried it but I can’t."

The narrator is staring down the neck of the bottle of his drink of choice. She is like a virus he cannot wipe from his mind, not even with a stiff drink. She left a mark, so deep and so scarring that nothing will 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' her.

"I’ve tried Jack, I’ve tried Jim / I’ve tried all of their friends / But I can’t drink you away / All these rocks / I can’t swim / Out of this skin / I'm living in."

He gave it his all and put in lots of effort when it came to drowning his sorrows, but his sorrows learned to swim. As is the case with people trying to drink the pain away and self-medicating with alcohol, he is on a first-name basis with his beverages of choice.

"Tell me, baby, don't they make a medicine for heart break? / Oh, tell me, baby, one time, come on, don't they make a medicine for heart break?"

Bevvies of the alcoholic sort usually help numb the pain, but eventually we all become immune and have to deal with the hurt without washing it away. No, it's not easy and we all eventually get there. But that won't stop us from trying to deal with it in other ways.

That's our read of this somewhat straight ahead song. PopCrushers and JT fans, what do take away from this song? The same thing we did?

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