Making a surprise appearance, Justin Timberlake popped by the set of The Ellen Show on Friday, November 4, to set the record straight on a much-misinterpreted lyric from his mega radio smash, "Can't Stop the Feeling."

While host Ellen DeGeneres has insisted the line "just imagine" from the upbeat Trolls movie anthem sounds more like "it's just electric," Timberlake, who wrote the tune, set out to prove her wrong.

"When the song first came out, I decided to send him a video of me singing [it]," DeGeneres revealed to the audience.

"My favorite part was when you were like, 'It's just electric, just electric, just electric,'" Timberlake shared. "I was like, 'That's not the words!'"

"Those are the words!" DeGeneres argued, playfully.

"It pretty clearly says 'just imagine,'" Timberlake replied in good nature, defending his original lyric after admitting, "I should have just written 'it's just electric.'"

The TV host's house DJ then played the lyric for the audience to decide. Watch below:

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