If you happened to attend Comic-Con this year in San Diego, Calif., chances are you probably walked right past one of Hollywood's biggest stars without even noticing.

Since costumes are a common and encouraged occurrence at the convention, Justin Timberlake and Esquire journalist Chris Jones decided to have a little fun. The duo dressed up as 'Sesame Street' characters, with Timberlake donning an Ernie costume and Jones playing the role of Bert.

It was actually Timberlake who cooked up the idea, comically explaining that wearing the costumes would bring him and Jones closer together. "Dude, this is going to be awesome," Timberlake said (via Esquire). "Let's do Bert and Ernie. I think it'll make for better bonding."

Timberlake has a great sense of humor, and even though the experience gave him a good laugh, it was also somewhat surreal for him, since fans and photographers weren't swarming him from every direction. "You're witnessing one of the most memorable days of my life," Timberlake told the writer (via PEOPLE). "I keep forgetting, when people ask to take our picture it's because I'm Ernie. It's not because I'm me."

Even though Jones suggested Timberlake take off the costume to surprise some Comic-Con attendees, Timberlake refused, embracing his anonymity behind the orange face. "No way, dude," he says. "You have no idea what it's like."

If only it were acceptable to walk around in costumes every day! For celebrities, it would make for a much better concealment tactic rather than wearing baseball caps and big sunglasses. Hey, Halloween is right around the corner, JT!

Timberlake is featured in (and on the cover of) the October 2011 issue of Esquire, which is available for purchase now.