No wonder Justin Timberlake is putting music on the back burner while he explores his other skills! Timberlake will be presenting the annual Capital One Cup Award at the ESPYs on July 13. The award celebrates excellence in collegiate athletics, and in order to prep for the esteemed honor of handing out the award, JT appears in a hilarious, six-minute promo video called 'I Love Sports – College.'

JT's comedic skills are on point and he is taking his talents from the 'Saturday Night Live' stage to ESPN in grand fashion. In the clip, JT says he appreciates what it takes to be a college athlete and partakes in all sorts of college sporting events, where balls hit him in the family jewels ... Multiple times. It'll have you crossing your legs.

We see our "athletic" hero running suicide drills, claiming, "All I see is white light," and getting nailed in the nuts while wearing a field hockey skirt. During his track team warm ups, he never makes it out of the block, claiming, "I wasn't ready, I wasn't ready." He plays volleyball, missing the easiest of shots, and dons a life preserver and nose plugs while on the swim team, complaining, "I'm all pruney already."

JT also secures a slot on the ladies diving team, asking them to stop looking at his butt while he climbs the ladder to the platform encased in a wet suit. As if all of this weren't hilarious enough, he shows up to a match wearing a Mexican wrestler's costume and then tries WWE moves with a collegiate wrestler after he is told "it's not that kind of wrestling!" He is also captured while running in slow motion, a la 'Chariots of Fire,' complete with silly, rubbery, distorted faces.

Props to JT, who took a beating between the legs while filming this promo spot.

The ESPYs air July 13 at 9PM.

Watch Justin Timberlake in the 'I Love Sports – College' Promo for the ESPYs