Justin Timberlake once again proves that he is the Renaissance man of this generation. JT stars in and directs FreeSol's video for 'Hoodies On, Hats Low,' which appears on the Memphis-based quintet's debut, 'No Rules.' But JT doesn't just handle the video. He found the band, signed them to his Interscope-run imprint and executive produced the record, while featured on a smattering of tracks. While JT has stepped away from making music for himself, he is keeping his skills sharp and fresh by working with FreeSol.

JT proves he still "has it" with his appearance in the video. He sings, he dances. But FreeSol aren't defined by Timberlake. They turn heads with their own merit. We see the band walking over bridges and driving in an old school convertible ride which even has dice hanging from the rear view mirror. They traipse through the urban landscape and nothing can break up the flow with FreeSol as they drop their words with feeling.

The video also embraces the digital age, as a QR code is shown on screen. It's simply a sign of the times.

JT is in the video, with a hoodie on and his hat low over his eyes while he sports a pair of shades. He can still dance and sing and has not lost a step. He also looks energized by FreeSol.

The video ends with FreeSol and their fans dancing in a warehouse.

Watch FreeSol 'Hoodies On, Hats Low' Video