"Mila and I have never dated," Justin Timberlake announced to 2011 MTV Movie Awards crowd, before presenting the award for Best Male Performance with Mila Kunis -- and groping her.

"Nope, nope. We are like brother and sister," Kunis chimed in. "Totally platonic relationship, which is why I can do this," Timberlake echoed, before cupping Kunis' breasts in his hands.

Naturally, this sudden display of 'brotherly' affection led the 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' actress to do the same for the former boybander ... Only she grabbed the only thing on his body she could cup in her hand -- Timberlake's crotch.

This would be their coy way of addressing the rumors that surfaced back in March about them hooking up off-camera during the filming of their upcoming flick, 'Friends With Benefits.' Speculation went as far as to blame their supposed "hook-up" to the reason for the split between Timberlake and former girlfriend Jessica Biel. Of course we know how Timberlake really feels about all of his exes: He gives an honest tell-all in the most recent issue of Vanity Fair.

Kunis and Timberlake will have another shot at each other's private parts later this summer, when their comedy film hits on July 22.

Watch Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis Present at the MTV Movie Awards