Last night on 'Saturday Night Live,' Justin Timberlake took over hosting duties, while Lady Gaga performed. As one of the show's most actively ridiculous and hilarious hosts/occasional actor, Timberlake had viewers and audience members in stitches as he teamed up with the 'SNL' cast for various skits.

During his opening monologue, Timberlake proclaimed that he wasn't going to be singing, so nobody should be getting their hopes up. However, he quickly broke into song, switching from horn-infused R&B tidbits to extremely dramatic moments like his singing in the rain breakdown.

In one part, Timberlake brings his vocals way up there, singing, "I'm not gonna do that thing where my voice goes high," in his signature, glass-shattering register. He continues to list a number of the things he's "not going to do," from serenading a female audience member to not singing into "the lens without breaking eye contact," keeping a straight face the entire time.

Another highlight from Justin Timberlake's latest hosting gig on 'SNL' was his and Andy Samberg's reprisal of their ultra-cheesy 'D--- in a Box' characters for the Digital Short, '3-Way (The Golden Rule).' The short kicks off with Samberg and Timberlake exiting the apartments of their ladies, who happen to be veteran actresses Patricia Clarkson and Susan Sarandon. The duo moves down to the NYC waterfront as they lay down some vocals while wearing overalls that look like the 1990s threw up all over the Mario Bros.

Samberg and Timberlake are confused as they end up meeting up at the same apartment to see the same girl. As the apartment door opens, the girl they are supposed to meet is none other than Lady Gaga, who continues the absurd costume streak as she dons a bleach blond wig, a beauty mark, and some acid-washed attire. She propositions to the two guys into having a three-way, and that's fine by them, as they reason, "It's OK when it's in a three-way / It's not gay when it's in a 3-way."

There were a variety of other skits J.T. took part in last night, so head over to Hulu or the official NBC website to check out some more of his hosting highlights.

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