One of the biggest questions in pop music has to be, "When is Justin Timberlake going to bring his 'SexyBack'?" It's been six years since the release of his second album 'FutureSex/LoveSound' and still no new music from the pop crooner. What's up with that?

Justin told the Associated Press (courtesy of SF Gate) that making music is a process fueled by his life's experiences so it's "a really big deal" for him. "For me, personally, when I do sit down and decide to do it, it's just a special thing," he explains of the recording process.

Currently, Timberlake's life is on the upswing both personally and professionally. The 'Rock Your Body' singer is engaged to beautiful actress Jessica Biel. In addition, his acting career keeps him busy with movie roles in the Oscar-nominated film 'The Social Network,' the comedy flick 'Bad Teacher' and the romantic-comedy 'Friends with Benefits.' The 31-year-old thespian currently can be seen in 'Trouble With the Curve,' co-starring Clint Eastwood.

So with all of these "life experiences" in front of him, he can't crank out an album? Justin says that he's not a factory that can push out albums annually, like most of today's pop stars. "I don't know that I can pump them out every year," he said.

So it looks like we will have to wait a little longer before JT can get his groove back. Bummer.

Watch the Justin Timberlake 'SexyBack' Video