As a singer, Justin Timberlake's tops—he's won nine Grammys and has a pied-à-terre on the Billboard No. 1 spot. On last night's Late Nightthe "Mirrors" singer stopped by Seth Meyer's office with a big idea: Why not let him craft a theme song exclusively for Seth? Well, the pitch doesn't go exactly as planned:

"When you're looking for fun on your TV, just switch it on over to NBC / And catch the show that's down and dirty, on every night at eleven-thirty / Hosted by your number one guy, it's J to the I to the M-M-Y," Justin sings to an incredulous Seth. Evidently, nobody's warned the artist against the horrors of re-gifting...

Suffice it to say, Seth isn't thrilled with the idea of opening his show with the mention of one of his competitors. But Justin's not discouraged, and answers Seth's doubt with a few more pitches: One clearly designed for Stephen Colbert, another that's tailor-made for Charlie Rose and a third that was rejected by John Oliver, then James Corden and Oliver for a second time.

"So, real quick, which one do you want?" Justin asks.

"Uh, none of them," Seth answers about as diplomatically is possible. Hey, The View's sort of a mess, perhaps Whoopi & Co. could use a new jingle.

Watch Justin give his best Willy Loman above!

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