Justin Timberlake's video for 'Mirrors' focuses on couples -- one young and in the prime of their life, another older and full of a life already lived.

Their stories are told as vignettes in parallel fashion, leaving us wondering if they are the same couple, just at different points in their lives and relationship. There seem to be some other couples in the mix as well, but two are prominently featured.

JT doesn't factor into the footage -- it's all narrative -- until the very end, when he dances around in a 360-degree, mirrored room. He's got some twinkle-toed moves, Michael Jackson-style.

This video requires several views to follow the action, but there is love in every frame. You can feel it.

It ends with Timberlake trying to process what or who is reflected in the mirror. It leaves us with the question: Is what we see, or what we think we see, real?