Justin Timberlake continues to grab more movie roles, leaving his music career simmering (getting cold even?) on the backburner. The MySpace investor is deep in discussions to star in 'The Last Drop,' a new dramedy.

Given JT's penchant for getting laughs from audiences, any film that requires him to flex his funny muscles is alright by us!

Should he take the role, Timberlake would play a charming alcoholic with a day job as a restaurant critic for New York Magazine, according to movie trade Variety. Of course, he falls for a woman and in order to make a go of it with her on the level, he'll have to beat his self-destructive behavior and his addiction. Sounds like a heartwarming "overcoming the odds" comedy with loads of drama.

Timberlake's role in 'Friends With Benefits,' in which he starred opposite Mila Kunis, saw him playing the art director at GQ, so the singer/actor likes to take roles where he plays media types. He also starred as an Internet mogul in 'The Social Network,' so he is obviously sidestepping blockbusters and popcorn action films in favor of meatier fare in which he can sink his teeth and prove himself as a real actor.

Timberlake is currently invading multiplexes in 'Trouble With the Curve,' starring Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams.

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