Justin Timberlake is a man of many talents, but still, it comes as a surprise to discover that the next thing on his to-do list has nothing to do with movies or music. The Renaissance man says that he's working on breathing new life into the fading social networking giant MySpace, which he purchased a stake in last June.

Apparently, Mr. Timberlake doesn't realize that the music listening public has been in a state of panicked withdrawal since his last release, 2006's 'FutureSex/LoveSounds,' and that we're literally going to die if he doesn't give us some new music soon. Literally.

"I don't have anything on my plate other than think-tanking a lot of different ideas for MySpace," Timberlake told MTV News at the premiere of his latest film, 'In Time.' "I can come up with ideas on the golf course. I can come up with ideas on a mountain while I'm snowboarding. Seriously ... I am going to take a vacation. I'm going to find out what a vacation really is."

MTV News also pressed the actor about whether his vacation plans would include a trip to New York to do any more of the hilarious SNL digital shorts for which he's become infamous, and his answer was ambiguous at best. "I don't have plans to host, but those things are spur-of-the-moment for sure," he said, adding, "Even if I had plans, I wouldn't tell you."

Why are we not surprised? Just another maddeningly evasive interview with Justin Timberlake, folks. We'll be looking forward to the release of Timberlegend's next album, shortly after he restores MySpace to its former glory ... In the year 20never.