"Naked" and "Mila Kunis" are two words that red-blooded American males like to hear in the same sentence, but in this case, it's not Kunis who is not clothed! There appears to be naked photos of a dude on the super hot actress' phone. TMZ reports that someone hacked into Kunis' cell phone and found a few naughty photos.

One was of a man's nether regions and others were shots of her 'Friends With Benefits' co-star Justin Timberlake in bed and with pink panties over his head! JT, however, insists the explicit photo is not of him. Rumors that JT and Kunis are or were a couple, thanks to their onscreen chemistry, have been circulating for months, but both have continually denied that any relationship beyond friendship exists. So there is no 'friends with benefits' scenario between the two. At least according to their public declarations.

A source close to the actor/singer claims that JT said he has never sent a photo of his junk to Mila or to anyone else!

Actually, we're more interested in the other photos that appear to be of Timberlake on the phone. Perhaps the duo doth protest too much when saying they were not involved? Poor Mila, though. Hackers invading her privacy is not cool. It's no one's business what photos live on her phone!