Justin Timberlake may well be the highest anticipated 'Saturday Night Live' guest all season. He's the star and key player in a ton of now-classic sketches and digital shorts (remember a little old ditty called 'D--- in a Box?'), and we're all betting that he's going to knock our socks off again.

Promos for his appearance have hit the web, and they're as hilarious as you'd expect.

In the first snippet, Timberlake and Keenan Thompson join forces, cheering, "JT and KT in the house!" Timberlake chimes in with hype man quips "What what?!" This causes confusion for Thompson, who thinks JT is actually asking him to repeat himself.

In the second, Thompson leaves Timberlake to go at the promo solo, and it doesn't go well. In the third, Timberlake flips out upon realizing he forgot his now-trademark 'Suit and Tie.' Thompson tries to console and comfort him, and it doesn't work -- he storms off.

In the next, Timberlake gives Thompson what he thinks is an autograph, but may just be his soul. In a final clip, Timberlake pokes fun at his own reputation as a renaissance man who literally does it all: he's host, musical guest, camera man, makeup artist, sound guy -- and it scares Thompson to tears.

In short? These look promising! You can see JT in action on 'SNL' on NBC at 11:30PM ET this Sat., March 9.