Justin Timberlake is the male version of Lady Gaga and Beyonce in that the actor/singer/funnyman/Emmy winner is appearing on a magazine cover every other week.

Only a few days after images of his Camelot-inspired W cover surfaced, the incredibly photogenic Timberlake now covers the October 2011 issue of Esquire and he scorches. Literally.

The singer's silhouette, dressed in a fancy suit, is encased by flames. JT is on fire. The mag is likely making reference to the singer's blazing career, which finds him in rom coms on the big screen while fans beg for his return to music. But if you check the gallery of photos from the shoot, the pyrotechnics follow the singer at every turn. Burn, baby, burn!

Portions of the interview detail how JT dressed up as Ernie from Bert and Ernie at the 2011 Comic-Con for several hours. If a celeb wants to go incognito or become invisible for a few hours, dressing up as a Sesame Street character is the way to go.

Seriously, though, JT has established himself as a major player by appearing on two glossy magazine covers in the same month. That's usually a print publication "no no" but the rules bend for JT! Esquire and W are no joke, and neither is J to the T.