The always dapper and debonair Justin Timberlake appears on the cover of ShortList, a British magazine. He looks as handsome as ever and he talks about (unintentionally) severing ties with music -- which should ease the pain of the fans who created the pleasing PSA requesting JT return to making music -- and shifting to comedy.

He also spoke of his love of sports, which he is also vocal about, having appeared in promo spots for the ESPYs earlier this summer.

On his plans for acting and singing: He sort of just fell into this acting thing. He said, "To be honest, my plan would have probably been to do another record, probably right about now. I never stop considering myself a musician. To me, it’s my bread and butter. And I mean that in a personal way — I don’t mean that it finances my 'acting hobbies.'

I joke with my friends that I should have a business card saying “David Fincher put me in a moviek" because 'Bad Teacher' got a blessing due to 'The Social Network,' and then 'Friends With Benefits' came out of that. All the movies I’ve done were just opportunities that came up, but now that they’re all coming out back-to-back, people think, “Oh, he’s trying to make a statement by having an acting career.” But it’s not like that for me. I don’t ever want to stop doing music.

His only conscious decision when it comes to movies?: No roles as a musician. Since, really, how is that acting? "The only conscious decision I made was that I didn’t want to do a movie about a musician, because I felt like that was presumptuous." He knows his place in the universe, saying, "I do pop music. I’m not saving the world. It’s making people forget about their worries, so I’ve always seen myself as an entertainer. I don’t take myself too seriously, so I don’t know how I can ask anyone else to," he said.

How he relaxes? Few things should come between a man and his SportsCenter, JT included. "Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and watch sports channels. I’m a huge sports buff. And I actually enjoy going to the cinema by myself," he said.

How he conceals himself as "the cinema": It's all about the burglary attire. "I’ll put a hoodie and baseball cap on and go to late shows by myself. Sometimes you get insomnia or jet lag from tours. When I get back from this one, I bet you, in the next week I’ll be able to catch up on all the films I’ve missed."

On the driving range: This is a man who likes to golf. "I like to go to the driving range and hit a few balls. Peace and quiet is what I crave," he admitted.