America: Meet K-Pop. K-Pop? Meet America. Korean pop, all-girls group Girls' Generation hit the stage at 'Letterman' and 'Live! With Kelly' this week, hoping to make a good impression as representatives for their fellow Korean brothers and sisters with their debut U.S. single, 'The Boys.'

On 'Letterman,' the ladies sported all-black outfits with girly glittery accents, high leather boots and flowing hair, which of course added to the sex appeal. The ladies kept viewers (and us) on their toes with a remixed version of the track, according to Muumuse.

They were dressed equally as hip on their 'Kelly' slot the next morning, though with less coordination and more toned down (it is an early show, after all). However, in both performances, the ladies shook their stuff like they were a group of cloned Britney Spears'.

While Girls' Generation is still a group of newcomers to the States, it was an interesting performance -- in a good way. The Generation crew undoubtedly made huge strides for their genre, bridging the gap on something that has been a long time coming.

Could K-Pop be the next wave on American radio? ... Or at least the late-night talk show circuit? We hope so -- it's about time we brought back boyband-style dancing! Even the Biebs doesn't have moves like this. Swag!

Watch Girls' Generation Perform 'The Boys' on 'Letterman'

Watch Girls' Generation Perform 'The Boys' on 'Live! With Kelly'