K-Pop -- Korean pop music -- is the viral video of the music world, popping up all over the place and snatching us up with its infectious grasp. Girl group Kara are prepared to make a comeback and blow the competition out of the water with their new color-popped video for 'STEP.'

Remember 'Bubble Pop'? Well, this is like that -- it's the kind of music you can groove to even if you don't speak Korean. It's not just the song that makes 'STEP' good til the last drop, however, it's ... Everything.

Kara, one of Korea's most popular female groups, is composed of five pretty girls cut from the same cloth so-to-speak, being that they're all wearing outfits in the same colorful fabric in the video. They dance in unison, shaking their hips and pursing their lips seductively against different eye-catching backgrounds, while we just watch in awe.

Like Korea's version of the Spice Girls, Kara don't mess around when it comes to color and absolutely girliness. The fivesome -- Park Gyuri, Han Seung-yeon, Nicole Jung, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung -- each get a scene to shine, and take full advantage of their moment to make love to the camera. Really, there's no wonder that "sweet melody,' the meaning of Kara, is burning up the charts overseas.

Kara's 'STEP' is girl power at its best.

Watch the Kara 'STEP' Video