K-Pop stars/celeb soldiers Se7en and Sangchu are in a bit of hot water. They are being investigated for allegedly visiting massage parlors while on duty.

What do we mean by "duty" and why is it a big deal, requiring investigation? It's because they are celebrity soldiers.

In case you were unaware, in South Korea, healthy male citizens are required to serve two years in the military, even if they are celebrities. That is why the pair is being referred to as "celeb soldiers." If they visited such establishments, the consequences are more severe given their military service.

By all accounts, they visited the kind of massage parlors that offer happy endings. Yeah, it's like that.

All K-Pop reports that the Ministry of National Defense confirmed that an investigation is ongoing, saying, "We are currently investigating current celebrity recruits Se7en and Sangchu entering an adult entertainment establishment after their performance."

Apparently, their excuses for making the visit to the parlor were thin. The Ministry of Defense said, "[One of them] has a bad back and a bad knee, so he went to get it treated. But when asked, 'How about the other one who went without needing treatment?,' they had no answer."

Come on, couldn't they say it was a bro hang? Quiet time? Something?

If the allegations are true, they will be processed according to law.