Kanye West doesn't even appear on the initial remix of his latest single 'All of the Lights,' instead ceding the spotlight to guests Lil Wayne, Big Sean and Drake.

The remix keeps Rihanna's chorus and some of Kid Cudi's backing vocals, but removes West's original rhymes. Wayne opens the track with an Auto-Tuned verse over the song's epic-sounding French horns:

"It's cold as hell, I show and tell / Weezy home, our n-gga out of jail / In this give or take world I got what it takes / Put you out your misery, Kathy Bates."

Newcomer Big Sean appears next and ponders his odds of achieving fame: "Why every rapper named Big got body, huh? / But every rapper named Sean got money, ooh / Well I guess my chances are fifty-fifty / But my vision is twenty-twenty so I'll be counting a hundred hundreds."

Drake, who was cut from the original song, picks up the pace on his impressive anchor verse: "I spend all my time in Houston / Smoke that kush but I don't do Whitney / I don't do Britney, I don't do Lindsay / I made two million since last Wednesday."

Word is that the remix may be unfinished and that West and Jay-Z could still appear on a future remix. Stay tuned with PopCrush for more updates!

Listen to Kanye West, 'All of the Lights' (Remix) Feat. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Drake