A long time ago when Kanye West dropped his second album 'Late Registration' (circa 2005), he and fellow Chicago rapper Rhymefest came up with an idea for an adult comedy version of 'Saturday Night Live' with puppets. The end result is an insane hip-hop puppet variety show called 'Alligator Boots.'

Yeezy and 'Fest teamed up with Jim Henson Creations to film a pilot of their now defunct Comedy Central show, and six years later, the behind-the-scenes footage has miraculously surfaced online. You gotta love the Internet for this. After watching the NSFW video, we can't believe that Comedy Central passed on the show.

The clip features outtakes from the series, which pokes fun at West's now-infamous reputation of being a diva. Meanwhile, throughout the show, an aspiring rapper with a pig nose and ears named Pork Troy tries to persuade Ye in performing a duet song with him called 'Baby in the Club.'

The tantalizing part of the video is Kim Kardashian who makes a guest appearance on the show portraying Princess Leia in a 'Star Wars'-parody sketch. Again, keep in mind that this is before she became television's biggest reality superstar. Nevertheless, Kim looks awesome in her barely-there bikini top and sarong.

The puppets on the show are unlike the famous Muppets characters we know and love growing up as kids. There's no guest appearances from Kermit the Frog or Miss Piggy. These puppets are horny, mischievous and downright nasty. Shockingly, we think we saw our first-ever puppet penis in one sketch that appears in the video.

There's plenty of crazy stuff going on in the clip that you have to watch for yourself. We can't believe this show never made it on the air. I guess Comedy Central was freaked out at seeing two muppets having sex on the show. Again, we can't stress this enough, this video is NSFW.

Watch the Behind the Scenes of Kanye, Rhymefest, Kim Kardashian Puppet TV Show Video