Is Kanye West the next celebrity to be roasted on Comedy Central?

After his unforgettable appearance at the 2015 MTV Music Video Awards -- which included a 12-minute rant and the promise of running for President of the United States in 2020 -- Hollywood Life is reporting that Comedy Central is looking to roast Kanye in a future special.

West would join a long list of celebrities that have been skewered and playfully humiliated on stage by some of today's top comedians. Recent roasts over the years have featured James Franco, Donald Trump, Pamela Anderson and Justin Bieber.

A source close to the network tells Hollywood Life: "They want their next Roast to be Kanye West. They are confident it will happen."

With Kanye's long history of crashing stages, feuds with other celebrities, coupled with his tabloid marriage to Kim Kardashian, there's likely going to be no shortage of material for the comedians who will dare to insult Kanye to his face (all in good humor, of course.)

Comedians who have appeared on Comedy Central's Roast specials include Natasha Leggero, Jeff Ross, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and Whitney Cummings.

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