When it comes to his stage shows, Kanye West is a constant perfectionist. But things didn't go quite so perfect during the rap king's concert stop in Bergen, Norway.

During Yeezy's performance of 'All of the Lights,' he tripped and "planked" onstage and it was all captured on video. In the clip, we see West skip a couple of steps before he landed on his back with his feet flying in the air. But no worries, Yeezy is a trooper. He got back up and continued to perform although he did seem discombobulated near the end of the song. We think he was wondering, "What the hell, just happened?"

Nevertheless, we are glad that West is okay, but admittedly, we can't stop laughing at this video; it's freakin' hilarious. Don't judge us.

Watch Kanye West Fall in Norway