We would imagine that when Kim Kardashian went into labor five weeks early, she didn't exactly plan on celebrating Father's Day with Kanye West.

But alas, she did. And considering she had just given birth, Kim K probably just got around to gifting Yeezy with his awesome gift for Dad's Day.

Kanye took to Twitter to show off his nifty gifts from Kim K tweeting:

Those are pretty sweet! Kim must hear about Kanye's obsession with Steve Jobs more than we ever do (and bless her heart since it seems like his favorite and only topic of conversation). The autographed mice from Steve Jobs, who passed away in 2011, and Steve Wozniak must have cost Kim a pretty penny. Though we're sure the first baby pictures of North will pay the bill for those very easily...

But, Kanye wasn't the only one receiving gifts. He also gave Kim a $750,000 ring as a "push" present. If you don't know what "push" present means, then think about the birthing process for a minute and see if you follow us. Got it? Good.

We have to imagine there won't be many homemade Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts kicking around the Kardashian-West household. We guess North will have to make mommy a diamond necklace at school instead of a macaroni one.