Kanye West and Jay-Z have issued the tri-color, color-blocked cover art for the next 'Watch the Throne' single, 'N---as in Paris.' Since the song has "Paris" in its title, it's no surprise that the duo offers its own personal riff on the French flag for the cover art.

The lyrics pop off with plenty of fashion-influenced lyrics -- Gucci, Louis Vuitton -- and since Paris is essentially the capital of global fashion, the pair provides its own "designer" take on the country's flag, with thick black, purple (it's more like lavender, really!) and red stripes.

The terms we used earlier -- like "color blocking"-- are fashion terms, too! The real French flag is thick blue, white and red stripes.

Do we like how Yeezy and Jay have morphed the flag? Oui. The pair utilized the American flag for the 'Otis' single artwork, so they are certainly keeping the flag motif going! While it's not the most thrilling image we've ever seen these two come up with, it still caught our attention. That, friends, means it's effective.

Kanye is definitely getting in his zone, as 'Watch the Throne' continues to gain momentum.