Kanye West is involved in a lot of endeavors -- his music, his G.O.O.D Music compilation, his deejay gigs, the Throne with Jay-Z, a clothing line, DONDA ... the list goes on. Since he's already burning the candle at both ends, it's probably a good thing that the producers of the new 'Jetsons' film denied his claims of being the movie's creative director -- but do say he will may have some involvement in the project later on.

On his epic Twitter rant on Wednesday, West wrote, "I was just discussing becoming the creative director for the Jetson movie and someone on the call yelled out.. you should do a Jetsons tour!" While the message was easy to lose amid the myriad of his other 70 tweets, it wasn't lost on the producers of 'The Jetsons,' who addressed West's self-appointed position to New York Magazine.

“There is no such thing on a movie,” producer Denise DiNovi said of West's "creative director" helm. “There’s an art director and a production designer.” Another issue? The movie is in such early stages that the producers are still hiring screenwriters to start from scratch on the project. Additionally, the film's director would choose the art director and production designer ... and there's no director yet, either.

For what it's worth, the producers did have a discussion with West about his passion for 'The Jetsons' and his ideas for the film. They initially underestimated his passion for the futuristic cartoon.

“The last two years I had various forms of communication from the studio that he had this real love and interest in 'The Jetsons' as an artist,” producer Donald De Line told New York Magazine. “My response was always through representatives, ‘Well, that’s great. We’ll let him know when we have a screenplay.’ I was thinking he was interested in it on a musical level, but apparently he’s deeply interested in art and architecture and wanted to be involved.”

The communication that went down leading to the tweet in question was “preliminary and exploratory and introductory," according to De Line. It was a "free form conversation" over a ten-minute conference call. "We explained how our process usually works, that usually there’s a screenplay, and a director in place first, and that this was … a nontraditional way, but then, he’s a guy with his fingers in a lot of pies, and who likes to work out-of-the-box.” No kidding -- Yeezy's DONDA company alone has 22 "pies."

While Di Novi insists West isn't the creative director on the movie -- nor that he was hired for any role (as of yet), she does admire his love for the project. "I loved his passion for 'The Jetsons,'" she told the mag. "He gets the whole thing about the future that never was. He sees us living on a precipice of technology — cameras in your eye, your mind as a remote control to fire lasers — and wonders how things are going to break, for good or for bad.”