You know, maybe President Obama was onto something with his assessment that Kanye West is a jacka--. He certainly says things to that effect.

During his performance at the Hammersmith Apollo in London this weekend, the father-to-be took aim at his pal Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake for their blazing hot hit 'Suit & Tie' and the Grammys during his rendition of 'Clique.'

The video is nine minutes in length and there is a lot of Yeezy ranting. At the four-minute mark, he starts the verbal thrashing. His assault on his friend and the song comes at the six-minute mark, so you're probably best served skipping to that point.

He says: "Remind me again why we're in this s--- / Remind me again why the Grammys could suck my d--- / Remind me again who's the original Superfly? / And I got love for Hov / But I'm not f---ing with that 'Suit and Tie.'"


Well, 'Ye, you may not be f---ing with it, but the rest of the world is. It's a smash hit for JT, thanks to its throwbacky nature. It might, in fact, be bigger than his possibly female fetus with Kim Kardashian. It's bigger than her butt, too.

And what's with the Grammy diss? You won another one this year. Stop with the verbal diarrhea at people and institutions that support you.