It turns out that killer new Kanye West track 'Mama's Boyfriend' is a fake. The rapper's label issued a statement calling it "entirely bogus and unsanctioned," saying that an unknown individual created the leaked song using one of Kanye's vocal tracks.

Island Def Jam said yesterday that the music on the song wasn't created by West, and the rapper isn't happy about it. The statement read, in part:

"The version of the Kanye West recording 'Mama's Boy' that arrived on blog sites earlier this week is entirely bogus and unsanctioned, and violates the artist's creative intentions. As is often the unfortunate case, an unknown party or parties got a hold of Kanye West's vocal track and added their own soundbed to it ... The result in no way resembles the final song Kanye West intended his fans to hear, and he is deeply disappointed that one of the most personal, meaningful and special songs he has ever written would reach people in this way."

West debuted the song last year at Facebook headquarters, performing it live without any music. He also released a statement at the time saying the song about his late mother meant a lot to him.

While it's disappointing the leaked track isn't Kanye's artistic vision, many listeners have connected with 'Mama's Boyfriend,' so hopefully we'll get to hear the real version soon.

Watch Kanye West Perform 'Mama's Boyfriend' at Facebook Headquarters in 2010