Late last week, a fake story purporting that Kanye West claimed that he would do more in his life than late freedom fighter Nelson Mandela circulated. It hit the Interwebs less than 24 hours after the political icon's death.

The story was covered in the media because it seemed so tacky, leading to lots of questions about Yeezy's hubris. The piece was a total fake, fabricated by and posted on a satire site. If you missed it, read it here.

When reading the story as if it were real, it's ridiculous and reflects poorly on West. When reading the story with the knowledge that it's fake, it's sorta sad, since it's believable due to West's recent (and tiresome) rants about how brilliant he is and how his fiancee Kim Kardashian is a victim of classism. We sorta expect him to say this type of outrageous, not-in-touch-with-reality stuff.

Before you read West's reverential tweets about Mandela and his life's work, maybe Yeezy needs to rethink the fact that he calls himself a genius at every turn, even though he has had no impact on public policy, nor has he created that which will replace Twitter.

Just sayin'. But we will give him a pass on all that genius talk in relation to this story, since he did show his love for the late world leader via Twitter.

Below are his tweets: