Kanye West took a break from berating paparazzi and audiences about his celebrity to remind us why he became a celebrity in the first place. (No, not for impregnating Kim Kardashian!) the man is one of the most innovative rappers in the game. He proved it once more last night (May 17) when he broadcast his 'New Slaves' video on buildings spread across the entire planet.

West broadcast his video on 66 different buildings in major cities worldwide. Yeezy announced the move on Twitter, writing:

There was an accompanying interactive map on West's website, listing the cities, times and specific locations in which the video would premiere (including New York, Miami, Paris, London and Sydney).

The video premiere precedes West's performance on 'Saturday Night Live' tonight (May 18) and follows a surprise set at New York City's Roseland Ballroom. 'New Slaves,' a biting commentary on race and commercialism, will likely appear on West's followup to 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,' rumored to be out June 18.