Taylor Swift can breathe a sign of relief, since her onetime nemesis and VMAs acceptance speech bomber Kanye West has reportedly pulled out of attending the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards at the last minute. The reason? His lady love Kim Kardashian can't accompany him.

Really, Yeezy? You can't go solo?

Kardashian can't make the VMAs as she has a prior engagement at Fashion's Night Out in NYC, promoting her latest fragrance True Reflection. So rather than go alone, 'Ye pulled out. A source told The Daily Mail, "Kim's in New York for her fragrance launch and Kanye didn't want to go to the VMAs if she couldn't be there."

'Ye was not scheduled to perform, so it's not like his decision to bail is effing up the run of show. It's like going to result in a seating arrangement snafu and perhaps a joke courtesy of host Kevin Hart.

And like we said, T. Swift can rest assured that he won't ambush her onstage like he did in 2009, prompting President Obama to call him a "jackass."

Yeezy attended the Met Gala a la carte earlier this year since Vogue's Anna Wintour refuses to extend an invite to Kardashian, since it's a truly A-list affair and she doens't consider Kardashian on the level.

Do you think 'Ye is whipped for not being able to go the VMAs without Kimmy by his side? Stage 5 Clinger!

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