Much of the U.S. is experiencing a deep chill and it must be just as brrrrr-inducing in Paris. Rapper, fashion designer and soon-to-be-baby-daddy Kanye West stepped out in Paris in a white suite topped with a black jacket...and a red ski mask. You know, the kind kids wear on snow days.

West looked like he was ready to engage in a snowball fight -- perhaps with his Watch the Throne partner Jay-Z or his baby mama Kim Kardashian's husband Kris Humphries? (Yes, she is still married, which we love mentioning.)

West protected his face with a DIY tomato-red ski mask so that only his eyes peep through. His mouth, cheeks and forehead are totally covered and protected from the cold. It's certainly a bit of an intimidating look for the rapper, as well. Yeezy is usually infinitely stylish, but here, he looks like he could be a bank robber or about to engage in some sort of behavior where he wants his identity concealed.

Yeezy has been sporting strange headpieces as of late. He wore a variety of weird toppers at his Atlantic City Revel gigs last month.

Take a peek. If you didn't know that was 'Ye, could you tell it was him just from his eyes?

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