Rappers can't seem to keep away from Rihanna -- at least not from her latest hit, 'Diamonds.' Kanye West is the latest MC to hop on the track in a new remix.

RiRi was so impressed by Yeezy's verse that she actually posted the remix on her own SoundCloud page today (Nov. 16). Ye opens the track with, "We the cause of all the commotion / Your mouth runnin' by where is you goin?" He also references Hurricane Sandy ("And we made it through the hurricane / So celebrate and light the Mary Jane"), the Illuminati and even Brad Pitt.

Though the original track is laidback (Rihanna even called the entire 'Unapologetic' album a "stoner's record"), the addition of West's rap gives the song a bit more of a club-ready feel.

West joins the likes of Flo Rida, who also released a remix of Rihanna's blinged out hit. The 'I Cry' rapper's take was a more literal one than West's, but still fun and upbeat -- like Flo himself.

RiRi is currently on her 777 Tour to promote 'Unapologetic,' which hits shelves this Monday, Nov. 19.