Kanye West has been accused of stealing another artist's work -- and it isn't a fellow musician. Fingers are being pointed at West and video director Hype Williams for ripping off the French film 'Enter the Void' in their new 'All of the Lights' music video.

The 'Heartless' rapper is known for being ever the innovator, but the similarities between these two reels are just too close to be coincidence for some cult film fanatics.

In the opening credits of 'Enter the Void' -- Gaspar Noe's psychedelic French film starring Paz de la Huerta that hit select theaters last year -- names pop onto the screen in various text styles and colors, all flashing to the music as the progress. West's 'All of the Light's video -- which features cameos by Rihanna, Kid Cudi -- is eerily similar, as the song lyrics blast against a black screen in flashing color.

No word from Kanye's camp, but we think the videos speak for themselves.

Watch the Opening Credits From 'Enter the Void'

Watch the Kanye West 'All of the Light's Video