Kanye West
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images

Kanye West is known for saying ridiculous and outlandish things, but today on Twitter his stream of consciousness was a tad hard to follow. First, he shared an interesting tid bit about William Shakespeare. About 30 seconds later, he said he looked up to M.I.A. and Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke. We're really lost at the connection between the three, but hey, this is Kanye we're talking about. Meanwhile, Rihanna was dealing with a break up of sorts on the last night of her tour and Jason Derulo was sending birthday love to his rumored boo, Jordin Sparks. Jennifer Lopez was hanging with L.A. Reid and Christina Milian and her daughter were spending some quality time with Adam Levine. Lucky girls! Most of the Twitterverse was buzzing about the upcoming holidays. Game had a bone to pick with Kris Kringle and will.i.am was transforming into santa.i.am. Read what your favorite stars were chirping about today!


William Shakespeare's autograph is valued at 3 million dollars. There only 6 verified autograph's in existence. pic.twitter.com/D83ytKYH... I look up to M.I.A. and Thom Yorke
I should feel better about people saying "Congrats on my last show" no? Feels like a break-up!! #LOUDtour
Happy B-Day! May all your dreams come true this yr! Every1 wish @jordinsparks a Happy 22nd Birthday!
Playing some of my new music for the man himself @LA_Reid
@AdamLevine's gonna be the sweetest Daddy someday. He & Violet had a 30min tag-team basketball game backstage @NBCTheVoice. Yesterday. CUTE!
F--- Santa Claus think he is TAKING ALL THE CREDIT for all the HARDWORK us PARENTS put in on Christmas ?!?!?!? There he is.... LET'S GET EM'
Christmas shopping today...I haven't been home in 3weeks & now its santa.i.am time...Im blessed to give better presents then I receive...
Let the travel day from hell begin! Already delayed an hour- and only have an hour layover in Dallas. Fa la la la la... La la la la
All the fam is down and under 1 roof!