Kanye West is one motivated man. In addition to his solo career, his G.O.O.D Music compilation, his DJ gigs, the Throne and his clothing line, Yeezy is looking to add another notch to his professional belt: global visionary. In an three hour-long continuous Twitter marathon (70 tweets to be exact), West announced that he wants "to pick up where Steve Jobs left off." Alright then!

Ye is planning on not only launching a company called DONDA, in honor of his late mother, but he also wants to shake up and improve the American school system. Some of his ideas would likely tick off teachers, but make students happy, including a summer school he's planning with movie director Spike Jonze. The rants continue, as West laments on math class, and upcoming sci-fi flick, and taking "everything 10 steps at a time." Maybe he can start with getting iPhone batteries to keep a longer charge? At least that would be on our list.

Check out West's top tweets from yesterday's rant. You gotta love it.