Kanye West is going out with a bang! Before he pops bottles on New Year's Eve, the G.O.O.D. Music honcho is making a return engagement at the Revel Hotel in Atlantic City, N.J. at the end of December.

Yeezy will perform a three-night residency at the Revel's Ovation Hall venue starting Dec. 28 through Dec. 30. Tickets to the shows will be available on Nov. 30 at 10 AM ET via Ticketmaster.

Kanye's pre-New Year's Eve concerts follows his sold-out two-night gigs back in July. If you recall, Yeezy had another one of his infamous outburst during a show in which he spazzed out about how tabloids write fake stories about him.

“If you have something to give the world, a lot of times the press is trying to take everything negative,” Kanye told the crowd. “Just look at MediaTakeOut, they so f---in' full of s---! Show your motherf---in' face, so I can smack the s--- out of you!”

“I am flawed as a human being. I am flawed as a person. As a man, I am flawed. But my music is perfect!” he continued. Oh, Kanye.

So we'll have to see if he will have another "moment" in A.C. before the year is out. Knowing him, he probably has a few things he would like to rant about concerning his life experiences in 2012.

Kanye's three-night concert stint at the Revel should also help Atlantic City financially after the gambling town and surrounding shore communities suffered catastrophic damages from Hurricane Sandy in October. It's a win-win for everybody.

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