Home is where the heart is, and for Kanye West, his heart will always belong to his hometown of Chicago. During the Throne's tour stop in Chi-City, Yeezy decided to stroll through his old neighborhood in the southside of Chicago to reflect on his childhood memories.

In a revealing video called 'The Chi,' Kanye visits the actual house where he grew up and conceived his big dreams of becoming a superstar rapper. His Throne partner, Jay-Z, was there to offer moral support to his good friend as they toured his childhood home.

The clip also features backstage footage from the Throne's Chicago stop, as well. We get to see local poet Malik Yusef recite an insightful poem about the delusions of fame, and filmmaker Spike Lee comes through to congratulate Kanye on an amazing performance. Hopefully, Lee and Kanye can collaborate on big project in the near future.

Overall, it's a great video that offers some insight into why Yeezy is such an intense personality in hip-hop. At the end, Kanye urges people to create art and not be discouraged by the naysayers. "We have to rethink, re-inspire," he says. "Wash the brain, don't brainwash." Now that s--t is cray.

Watch Kanye West Visit His Childhood Home' Video

The Chi by toobu13