Kids do the darnest things. In a fan-made video for Kanye West's 'Way Too Cold' a young boy shows that his swagger level is on a hundred thousand trillion. Directed by Ashley "Ash Innovator" Smith, this clip has to be the greatest unofficial Kanye video of all time.

In the video, the pint-sized Yeezy (played by Caleb Harper) walks through the streets of New York with some eye candy by his side and spits Kanye's braggadocios rhymes in front of Trump Tower. Elsewhere, there are people wearing famous politician masks throwing tantrums in the street. In one scene, we see Donald Trump dry humping Sara Palin. Only in New York, folks.

Not only does the young Harper look like a mini 'Ye, he even mean mugs for the camera just like the Grammy-winning super producer himself. He can also do a mean leg split, too -- let's see you do that Kanye! Granted, watching this kid rap some of Yeezy's explicit lines is a little shocking, but clearly, he is projecting his "I Don't Care" swag like a missile.

Overall, this video is all kinds of awesome and is destined to become a viral sensation. After watching Caleb Harper get into his zone, Kanye West better watch out for his throne.

Watch the Fan-Made Video of Kanye West's 'Way Too Cold'