After a snippet leaked online, the full version of Kanye West's 'White Dress' is now available for your listening pleasure. The song is featured off the soundtrack to the RZA's upcoming martial-arts flick, 'The Man with the Iron Fists.'

While it was initially viewed as a track about West's dreams of one day marrying his boo, Kim Kardashian, upon further listening, this might not be the case. The song harkens back to Yeezy's more stream-of-consciousness flow circa the 'College Dropout' album, as he reflects on his former loves.

On the soulful track, West talks about meeting a woman at a nightclub and refining her until she's ready for marriage. "And even though I met you in a club in a tight dress / At first sight I can picture you in a white dress / 30 foot train, diamond from the rain / Just to make up for all the years and the pain," he raps, adding, "wedding in June, what could be better / Lets fly to Euro make this the best summer ever."

So he could be talking about Kimmy or it could be about his ex Amber Rose? Who knows.

What we do know is that 'White Dress' was co-produced by the RZA (along with Tapez & Boogz) and it's a fantastic song. Hopefully, we get to hear more collaborations between the Abbot and Yeezy in the future.

The 'Man with the Iron Fists' soundtrack is set to hit stores on Oct. 23.

Listen to Kanye West, 'White Dress'