Kanye West hasn't been sitting in his usual front-row spot at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City. At first, this had us scratching our heads, since West is a regular at the runway shows that ensue throughout the week. However, his absence now makes sense, since it has been revealed that West is putting the finishing touches on his womenswear line, which he will unveil in Paris during Spring 2012 Fashion Week.

According to Australia Harper's BAZAAR, West will reveal his women's collection on Oct. 1 following Jean Paul Gaultier and Loewe's runway show. Gaultier will be a tough act to follow, so we wish West the best of luck during his runway premiere.

The mag was the first to receive the news of West's design debut because their fashion editor, Christine Centenera, has been working directly with West on the clothing line since March (via Billboard). The 'Power' hitmaker also collaborated with English designer Louise Goldin, who has designed for Topshop, on his line.

If his fashion vision is anything like his musical vision, we have no doubts that West will wow viewers when they get the first taste of his latest career endeavor.