For Adam Levine's final battle round on tonight's episode of 'The Voice' (March 26), Orlando Napier and Karla Davis put up their vocal dukes for a rendition of 'Easy' by The Commodores. You know, easy like Sunday morning.

It was blue-eyed soul vs. country cute, with Napier having a decided edge, since he has that smoky, classic voice. But edge doesn't always cut it.

Orlando, according to mentor Robin Thicke, is the "Picasso" of this season's crop of talent, since he wants to paint his voice on the canvas. But he said to ignite the crowd, there needs to be passion with the styling. We're going to go off topic for a sec to say that Thicke is the most entertaining thing about this show in this particular phase. No disrespect to the other mentors, but he offers the most incisive commentary to the contestants.

Nashville resident Davis has a country twang, but she was Bertha the Belter on this Motown hit. Seriously, that's what they called her. She was able to access a part of her 'Voice' that was previously unavailable, thanks to the encouragement and the assistance provided by Levine. Her confidence rose as she practiced the song.

When Napier and Davis began singing, she provided harmonies under Napier's vocals. He owned the first minute-plus of the song, clearly dominating. When Davis sang her parts, there was little twang to her voice. She showed off such a pretty tone.

But it didn't feel like a match for Napier, who exuded cool from every pore. It was not a runaway battle, though, since Levine chose Karla Davis at the last minute, since he felt she was better for his overall team.

Watch Karla Davis and Orlando Napier Perform 'Easy' on 'The Voice'