Kat Dahlia will release her new album 'My Garden' this coming spring, but PopCrush has the hook up for you here and now. Make that "hear" and now, as we've teamed up with the singer to premiere 'Crazy,' the new single from the forthcoming album. The verdict is in: We're completely and totally cray cray about Kat Dahlia's 'Crazy.'

The jukebox pop song is anchored by Kat's rich, smoky and impassioned vocals. They're assertive and unforgettable. She's powerful and husky with her delivery. Think equal parts Rihanna's urban sheen and Amy Winehouse's bluesy, soulful rasp, dosed with a dash of Miley Cyrus' sass.

The song is semi-retro and bolstered by handclaps. Lyrically, it's about that bewildered, intoxicating feeling you get when someone struts into your life and you lose your mind over them, for better or for worse, and it's as though every past romance has been nothing but a stepping stone to this relationship. Kat Dahlia has captured and bottled the essence of mad love with 'Crazy.'

This should be the song that puts Kat Dahlia on the map in 2014.

Go ahead, have a listen. Make that two or three listens. Go nuts! We promise that you'll be singing the hook and humming the melody hours later.