Kat Graham sure is a heartkiller. After just one look and listen, and she'll steal your ticker! The singer and 'Vampire Diaries' actress is debuting the lyric video for her reggae-flavored new single 'Heartkiller' exclusively on PopCrush, and it's hot.

This is no ordinary lyric video. Sure, the words to her sassy tune are popping up on the screen, but Graham factors prominently into the clip, singing the lyrics as they blast in front of her pretty face and banging body.

It's plays out like a real video and will certainly keep you more entertained than most lyric videos. Why's that, you ask? Because there's a lot of gorgeous Graham to keep your eye tuned to the screen.

The clips of Graham are in black and white and she is shown singing mostly during the choruses, whereas the verses are delivered over a static image of a red rose, which is slowly catching fire and burning. It's a powerful assertion and fits the lyrics. Graham is refusing to be a casualty to a serial lover who leaves a trail of broken hearts in his wake. Point taken.

No one will complain at images of sexy Kat performing, singing and dancing underneath the lyrical text. She busts plenty of moves throughout and is dressed all sexy and street. It's like watching a Kat Graham gig while learning the lyrics.

Be sure to nab Graham's four-song 'Against the Wall' EP here, which dropped today, May 29 and features 'Heartkiller.'  Kat Graham will be performing the track today on 'Ellen.'

You can also download 'Heartkiller' for free by going here:

Watch the Kat Graham 'Heartkiller' Lyric Video