'Vampire Diaries' star Kat Graham is a multi-tasker who clearly wants it all. The stunning TV actress, known for her cover of Paula Abdul's 'Cold Hearted Snake,' is fully pursuing her music career and talks about her sexified video for her new single 'I Want It All.'

Graham can't choose which creative outlet (singing, dancing, acting) she prefers, telling AOL Music that "I've never answered this one because it puts me in a small place I can't seem to fit myself into. I want it all. I thought I told you that." There's nothing wrong with dreaming big and going after your goals!

The Swiss-born Graham also confessed that the song is inspired by both her personal and professional life. "I do think it's possible to have a happy ending with both, and also maintain self-sufficiency. It's a fun tongue-in-cheek song but centers around independence and control," the smart and self-aware 21-year-old sensation said.

Graham is gearing up to release her full-length, which she promises to be a bit of a throwback. "I'm hoping that in the end the album will carry the message of female empowerment, [and] the sound to be a mix of vintage '90s dance melodies and memorable pop," she said.

Well, 'I Want it All' certainly feels like empowered, '90s inspired pop. While her music nods to the '90s, Graham looks like a mini-me of Beyonce; she rocks some fierce, Queen B-inspired looks, in the form of her sky high heels and latex black catsuit, in the video.

Kat Graham is climbing the ladder to divadom, one rung at a time and in stilettos!

Watch the Kat Graham 'I Want It All' Video