Kat Graham was once just a double threat as a singer and star of ' The Vampire Diaries.'

Now, courtesy of her vampy spread in Neux's Fall 2011 issue, the 'I Want It All' singer can add full-blown sex symbol and model to her resume, along with "vamp," making her a quadruple threat. The magazine celebrates fashion, art and beauty and Graham embodies all three in her cover spread.

In the 10-page spread, Graham shows off her couture-friendly, fashionista side. Every outfit she wears looks like it was made for her body.

Throughout the shots, Graham is portrayed as a "vamp," which is a seductive woman who uses her sensuality to charm men. She has that "vamp thing" down to a science, since her looks are jaw-dropping in every shot.

Graham is cloaked in various states of couture, including a black catsuit, or "katsuit," replete with killer heels, a flowing jacket and claws, where she puts her paws up like Lady Gaga.

In the shows, Graham's hair is big, but her outfits are bigger, at least in terms of their price tags. Graham looks like a model in these shots, namely when she is wearing clingy, priceless, curve hugging gowns. Her feline sexuality is on full display. Meow.