Now this is a cover of 'ROAR' that renowned cat lover Katy Perry will give a thumbs up to.

Not because Kate Davis plays an upright bass and has a pretty tone to her voice. There are plenty of interesting covers of this monster song floating around on the Interwebs. But Davis covered the song for kittens, shining a spotlight not only on her own talent but the plight of felines that need homes.

Performing amid the cages at the the Humane Society of New York, it's the cutest thing we've seen in ages and it's a cause we can get down with, easily! Even cats need music in their lives, and no, we don't mean Katy Cats, either!

We bet Perry will love this if and when it ends up on her radar. That's something she and Davis have in common -- they play for (Katy) cats.

Check out the kitties playing with each other and romping around, all the while enjoying this 'ROAR' rendition!

Meow! We particularly love when the cats get in on the action, hanging out on and around the instruments.

Davis' voice is pretty awesome, too.