Katharine McPhee’s new album Hysteria comes out on Friday (September 18), but for those of you who can’t possibly wait another second (or, well, two days) to hear it in full, lucky you! It’s available to stream on Billboard right now.

In an interview with Billboard, McPhee also opened up about the album, saying it’s the most personal music she’s worked on in her career so far.

She said, "Making this album was definitely a journey into exploring more of the artistic artist side of myself. I have made records in the past but I've always felt that I really didn't get the full experience of making an artist record. I often times felt rushed for time or uninspired.

McPhee said the album reflects what she’s been through over the past few years, and that taking the time to focus on it helped her to tap into her own creativity: "The making of this album spans through several of the last few years of my life. I have gone through many personal ups and downs and also have been fortunate enough to have gone from one television show to another television show both uniquely different in style. All of these experiences have allowed me to make a record that is so personal to me and have allowed me to stretch myself in a very creative way.”

McPhee credited the people who worked on the album with her (Isabella Summers of Florence + the Machine and Kelly Sheehan) as helping guide her to a definitive sound. She said, "I had to try out lots of different rooms with different writers with different styles to ultimately figure out what I wanted it to sound like. And even now to this day if you asked what is the style, I don't really know."

She said she's excited to translate the album into a live show: "I love pop music. I love to sing. I wanted to make a record that was going to allow me to do all of those things in a record and also give me great satisfaction singing the songs live. What makes me so excited is all of the possibilities of live shows... I get to continue my creative journey with the record now on stage. That's ultimately my goal; being able to sing live and perform and entertain."

Head over to Billboard to listen to Hysteria in full.

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