"Don't be fooled: Just because Amy Schumer's on the cover of Elle, it's not all okay now," Kathy Griffin said last night (November 11), discussing the continuous sexism women face in comedy. The Grammy and Emmy-winning author and standup comic sat down with New York Times reporter Dave Itzkoff for a lighthearted TimesTalks chat ahead of her Carnegie Hall performance this evening. As she often does in her stage show, Griffin shared opinions and inside-Hollywood info gleaned from her countless celebrity interactions.

Kathy weighed in on the current crop of GOP candidates, showed off her excellent Cher impression, and took every opportunity to address the double standards facing both aspiring and experienced female comedians. Here's just a few insights and anecdotes she shared with the crowd — as an off-the-cuff performer whose show is constantly in flux, Ms. Griffin said she'd be taking the bits that made us audibly gasp on the road in coming weeks on her "Like a Boss" tour.

On Ben Carlson: "No pun — the hidden sleeper, Ben Carlson," she said, then pretended to doze off. "He's like the Paula Abdul of the presidential race, you know what I mean? BEN! Wake up!"

On Twitter...which she calls "My Twat": "My twat is full of angry right-wing tea-baggers and Demi Lovato fans who hate me randomly[...]Anyway, my twat's mad at me today. I don't know why I look."

On her disdain for Jon Hamm, national crush object: "Jon Hamm? He's a d---ebag. I've known him ever since he was a doctor in those sh---ty Lifetime movies." After telling a story about a dinner party at which he rubbed her the wrong way, she says, "I know it's not popular to not love Don Draper but I'm just saying, he won an Emmy 'cause he was playing himself."

On her mentor Joan Rivers: "We had a natural kinship, and I think about her every day[...] When she passed away, the phrase that kept going through my head is, 'I lost my person.'"

On spilling celebrity secrets onstage: "You guys know I f----cked [Quentin] Tarantino, right? Ask him! Then we were friends after that. He said, 'your stories about these famous people are your stories, so f---ck them. Your stories are your experiences." She went on to say it took Barbara Walters five years to forgive Griffin for publicly sharing a sex-related confession Walters made in mixed company.

On Taylor Swift and her famous friends avoiding her on the red carpet: "One of my goals is to get Taylor Swift to like, not completely throw me shade. The last time she walked past me, I just said, "Taylor!" and she and that f---cking Orange is the New Black squad she's always with walked right by me." She attributes this to Swift's age (as opposed to an aversion for an on-camera skewering): "She's only 25. I think in the future she'll get it."

On appreciating Caitlyn Jenner: Griffin notes the economically privileged, Kardashian-influenced place she's coming from, saying "there's a little more to activism than hair and makeup. Still, she says,"I'm so grateful that Caitlyn is actually not perfect," and says she tries to be sensitive while mining the many opportunities for humor.

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