Kathy Griffin paid her respects to Rihanna when she joined two girls for a karaoke cover of 'S&M' at Lonnie's Western Room in Nashville, Tenn.

According to the YouTube description, the comedienne hopped on stage to sing the pop number along with the karaoke hostess and another patron. The video shows an excited Griffin, attempting to keep up with the girls, but being overshadowed by the singer on the right.

The description says that the 'Glee' guest star only wanted to sing background, which may explain why she shied away from belting out the lyrics. The girls insist she "rocked it," but they're not the only fans of the performance. Rihanna herself called it "perfection," and tweeted a link to the video.

If Griffin looks wet, it's not because she broke a sweat trying to hit her notes. "Before she got on stage she said she needed a bottled water, which everyone thought was for her vocals. NEGATIVE!" the video blurb notes. "She opened the bottle and poured more than half of it all over her chest and back and said, 'Ok, I'm ready.'"

Griffin used her water bottle gag once again and graciously stayed to take photos with fans after the performance. We commend the funny woman for taking on the karaoke session, but we don't see her quitting her day job any time soon.

Watch Kathy Griffin Cover 'S&M' by Rihanna